Grocery Haul & Mindfulness

It has been a gradual journey from no awareness what so ever about what I threw out and pushed to the curb each week…to being more mindful about the waste I am creating. I want to share with you, how it can be done.

Here is what I bought this week, along with some description of the choices I made.

How I reduced my waste was by taking photos of it and then planning ways to make alternate choices. It didn’t happen overnight, but each time I shopped I tried something else, to see how I liked it and how it worked. What is one new choice you can try next time you go shopping? List it in the comments below. 


Here are the tacos I made the next evening with the Three Sisters Nixtamal Tortillas, Helen’s Kitchen Organic Vegan Chorizo, cilantro and Sriracha. They tasted great and were very satisfying! I only wish my avocados were ripe enough to have added them too!

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