My Word for 2015

It was a quiet day in late December and I was pleased to find Susannah Conway’s process for “Finding Your Word for 2015” as it echoed my own process I have used the past ten years.  She also took things a bit farther than I had, via her daily emails for five days, allowing me to get in touch with what will guide me in the year ahead.  Last year my word was “Wholeness” and the year before it was “Experiencing Miracles.”

I was extra pumped to get the word “Authentic” as it feels like a great match that I can get behind.  I also welcome the supporting words of “Nourish, Inspire, Create, Glow and Peace” as 2015 begins!  I colored in the cool mandala that Susannah provided and then saved it on Facebook and my phone screen saver to remind me as I go about my day.  Some people may create artwork, jewelry, a Pinterest board or use other creative ways to remember their word.

Here are some important things about authenticity to remind me what I want to experience as the year unfolds.


Have you ever used a word to guide your year?  And how did it impact your experience of that year?  Feel free to share your word below.  Here’s to a wonderful 2015 for us all!


  1. cpetrzelka says:

    LOVE the idea to save the mandala as your screensaver! My word for 2015 is “ignite”, with supporting words of “shine, nourish and stretch”.


  2. Gena says:

    Hi Kathy. I too have chosen a word each year to guide me. The last 3 years have been, breathe, joy, and simple. Each important for a variety of reasons. However this year I was ready again for something more active. I chose, Warrior! Not an aggressive interpretation but a focused, fearless, courageous warrior.


  3. Great words for you Chandra! Go get em!


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