Creating the Life That You Want in 2015

I woke up on Winter Solstice with the idea that it might be nice to take the support that we’ve been offering each other in our De-clutter & Simplify group, and use it to help us achieve our goals in 2015.

Here’s what this is all about:


  • Ongoing support for all of 2015 via a private Facebook group.
  • Scope can be any part of your life – health, finances, de-cluttering, relationship, satisfaction, personal goals, life balance, you name it!
  • Weekly goal setting and reporting.
  • Monthly one-hour webinar to discuss key topics that the group chooses.
  • Ongoing posts of information & inspiration.


  • Starts gradually on January 1, 2015.
  • NEW: Deadline for registration is February 14, 2015.


  • To not just have new years resolutions, but support for creating the life that you want all year!
  • To have a support network.
  • To grow and expand who you know yourself to be.


  • People who have given up on new year’s resolutions.
  • Men and women who like growth opportunities.
  • Anyone who wants support for creating more in their life.


  • To get clear on what your intention is for 2015 and use that to guide your year.
  • Support you with a new change – such as retirement, moving to a new place, having surgery and going though rehabilitation, starting a new venture.
  • Explore key topics – such as health, finances and relationships.
  • Build a healthy habit – such as a morning routine, walking, yoga, meditation, journaling.
  • Allow yourself to be accountable by sharing weekly reports and feedback with the group.  I think this perhaps one of the most important parts of this group.  Just seeing what others are up to is inspiring and motivating.  It’s also nice to have the input from a whole group of people, versus just ourselves or a partner.
  • To simplify your life by removing things that don’t serve you and making sure you have time and resources for those things that do matter to you.
  • To help you build a life that you love!

COST:     $29 for the entire year via PayPal or credit card      Buy Now Button

If you are joining us, please also “friend” me on Facebook by searching via my email  This will allow me to add you to our private group.  

Still need more information on what to expect?  View this introduction video and get your questions answered.  And, if you have questions, please post them below.  

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