My love of photography began somewhere back in high school with a Kodak 110 camera.  It later evolved to newer cameras and cell phone cameras, as my passion for sharing visual images grew.  I sometimes wonder if I inherited “the photography gene” from my father.  He was known to enjoy playing with the camera and even developed his own film, back in the late 50’s.

Today’s image was taken just prior to reading the Photography 101 assignment for the day.  So I was tickled when I saw the photo I already took would work for our warmth assignment!  You see, I am an Airbnb host, and I’m someone who is always on the lookout for ways to make my guests feel special and warm.  Some of the ways I do that are:

  1. Doing my best to greet each guest, and give them a brief tour of my home.  During that time I often find out things about them, that help me know good things to suggest to make their stay special.
  2. I also found these really cool glasses at Cost Plus World Market.  They have chalk paint on them, which allows me to personalize them for each guest.  This not only makes them feel welcome, but it also encourages them to be responsible for their glass, which is eco-friendly.  IMG_0004
  3. I found these very snuggly cotton robes at IKEA that allow guests to feel warm and pampered after their bath or shower.
  4. I subscribed to Plum Deluxe’s tea of the month club, where each month I get a unique hand-crafted organic tea sent to me to share with my guests.  Yesterday I went to my mailbox to see we got Black Magic: Vanilla Rose Tea…talk about yummy!

This month’s tea is Black Magic: Vanilla Rose Tea!


Plum Deluxe organic hand-crafted teas are made in Portland.  I got to meet Andy, the owner, at a neat yoga, meditation and tea event they hosted last week.  Nice guy, great teas!

I think it’s the little touches that go a long way, and personal touches, are icing on the cake!

What is one way you wowed someone and made them feel warm inside?


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  1. Lovely pictures and I am sure your guest feel very welcome! The glasses with their names on are really a nice touch and a loose tea is always so much better than one made from tea bags.


  2. Sabina says:

    Those glasses are really cool!


  3. Amy Sampson says:

    Perfect shot for “warmth”.

    My Mom had a Kodak 110 too! I used it until I was about 13 or 14 when my parents bought me a cheap little Hanimex 35se that I still have today. Believe it or not, my love of photography began with my grandmother’s Kodak Brownie. I now own that Brownie. I even have some film for it, although, I can’t imagine the film is any good.


  4. andrewghayes says:

    What a fun piece! I love your green teapot – I used to have one just like that when I lived in Edinburgh. It was great meeting you at the yoga party – and yes, wasn’t that tea fantastic? Will be hard to top that one next month, but I’ll try. 🙂

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