The Beauty of Nature & Family

I had the nice treat of spending the past 4 days out in eastern Oregon at Wallowa Lake, with my daughter, and her husband’s family.  I am reminded of the healing beauty of nature and time outdoors.  The colors, sensations and the sounds amaze me.  Having a camera to capture this beauty has my eyes open for new things.

Mt. Hood on the way to Wallowa Lakes

Mt. Hood on the way to eastern Oregon

IMG_0098_2 IMG_8618 IMG_0232_2

IMG_0195    IMG_0333


IMG_0217       IMG_0176


IMG_8621        IMG_0386

If that wasn’t enough, seeing the world through my granddaughter’s eyes was pure delight.  She is so alive and open, with a mind that is soaking it all up, while we all get entertained.


Ryan shows Ava & Myra a grasshopper

A big thanks to Ryan’s family for always being great at including me and making me feel a part of their tribe.  And a big happy birthday to Ryan!  He’s an amazing husband, dad, and son-in-law all wrapped into one.  We are blessed.

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