Aspirational Clutter


I’m not really a martini gal! And I’ve kept these two martini glasses for more than eight years. Why did I keep them you might ask? They were part of a hope chest that a friend had created for me when I moved from San Diego to Portland. Not a traditional hope chest, but a very cool, inconspicuous, exotic one.

Even after doing five rounds of decluttering these had not been touched. But, today I am putting them on Buy Nothing Project, so someone who does drink martinis can enjoy them!

Aspiration clutter can be the hardest to get rid of. It represents the person we used to be or hoped to be. It requires us to come to grips with the fact that the hobby, sport, lifestyle that those things represent is not coming with us into the future.

Allow that item to share its story. Take photos, write about it, share the story with a friend. Find a way to honor its lesson in your life. And then, but only if you choose, let it go.

Here’s a fun interview I did with Adrianne Gunn, who is a Breakthrough Specialist on Clearing Your Emotional Junk. It’s got a lot of tips for sentimental items, gifts you don’t want and yes, even that aspirational clutter.

Do you got items you’d like to let go of? Join us in our free Declutter & Simplify Your Life group for support and ideas. 

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