What’s New With My Airbnb?

It’s been a fun couple of weeks with the invitation to be on three different podcasts for various reasons. Debi Hertert has a podcast called “Hosting Your Home – Airbnb Host Stories” and she invited me to share about my own unique Airbnb that’s vegan-friendly, eco-friendly and simple. Listen in here to hear the fun interview we had.


I also took some time to create a Facebook group that I’m calling Kathy’s Portland Airbnb Fan’s. I created this group to allow me to share a bit more about the fun things to do in Portland. I also share about the great vegan and eco finds I’ve made. Feel free to join the group if you want. I’ve got guest stories, fun things to do while you’re in Portland, resources on veganism and eco-friendly things, Restaurant and food guides, and much more. Feel free to share it with any friends who might be visiting or want this information.

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