Monday Minimalist Tip

Today’s tip is nice and simple and that is to ALWAYS have a donation box going. It’s a great place to put things you no longer need, as you come across them. You can collect things there, and once it is full, decide how best to give them to someone else who can use them.


In general most items are probably best to donate, versus taking the time to try to post and sell them. Items of great value and demand would be the exception, or if you need the funds, then Craigslist, Ebay or a local Facebook Garage Sale site are good for selling items.

For donations, I like giving to: 

  • Community Warehouse here in Portland – Community Warehouse gives their donated items to families in need versus selling them.
  • Buy Nothing Project – This site is worldwide and it allows you to give or make requests for items via a Facebook group in your local area. What I like about it is that you get to decide and met those who will get your things. I once had an abundance of bulk foods and I was able to give them to a single mom who was so grateful. Or another time I had a set of Rune Stones that went to a gal who’s mom used to have them. Her mom has since passed away, so they were a fond reminder for her, while being something I no longer needed.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America.  What I like about the Vietnam Vets is they come pick up your items. You just go online and request a pick-up and often they can even come the very next day! My father was a military veteran, so it also feels good to give back to veterans from any war. They are available in most US states.

I use the box as a holding place. If I think I no longer need something, put it in the box, then by the time the box is full, see if I have missed it. If I haven’t missed it, time to donate! I hope this tip might help you with items you no longer need. Please share any other charities or tips about donations that you have in the comments below. 

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  1. I’m not sure if you have it in America, but here in B.C. there’s an organization called the Developmental Disabilities Association. They also pick up, and they sell donations to Value Village (and possibly others, but I know that’s their main partner) to pay the workers as well as fund their other programs, all benefiting persons with developmental disabilities who do not have as many options for work as most of us are fortunate enough to.

    They also pick up, and I know from when I donated in January (my super huge, stay-up-all-night-putting-stuff-out-until-I-couldn’t-move-another-inch lot of stuff) and they left a door knocker with more info that they’ve been suffering in recent years because of the surge in donation bins around town. It should be noted that most of those donation bins are for-profit endeavours that a select few are making big money off of! :/


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