Friday Favorites

This week I have been deeply rewarded by conducting interviews of pilgrims from the Portland area before and after they walk the Camino de Santiago. It’s touching to hear what inspired them to walk and then hear about challenges, insights and what they learned, upon their return. I look forward to sharing their stories via blogs posts and a video in a few months once I’ve complied all the interviews.

Now, let’s look at some of my Friday favorites from this week that I think you might enjoy:

  • Favorite stretch is a basic squat to strengthen the quads and allow a nice stretch of the pelvis. Here is a photo of a man in India, where squatting is common way to sit when there is no seat. I like to end my yoga routine by doing a few minutes of squatting. When was the last time you held this position?


  • Favorite raw recipe is Cucumber Apple Green Gazpacho from Love & Lemons. This is a fun twist on an old favorite and once again allows us to let the stove and oven rest.

AND Cafe Photo by Ann Mai

A.N.D. Cafe photo by Ann Mai from PlantCrush

  • Favorite quote is below.


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  1. Thanks so much for the feature, Kathy! 🙂
    My photo isn’t showing up, though! I know usually WordPress will display photos if you put the Instagram link; not sure why it isn’t working this time! 😮 But if you’d like me to send you the photo file, let me know! ^.^

    And I love that quote. It’s something I’ve come to embrace recently.
    I hope you have a blissful weekend, Kathy!


    • Thanks again Ann for your great blog post. It is so beautiful and informative! I fixed the photo, so we can now see the beauty of that wonderful breakfast at AND Cafe. Hope you have a good weekend too!

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      • You are so welcome, Kathy! 🙂 I’m glad you feel that way; it was such a fun blog post for me to put together, so thank you for sharing my work!

        Btw, I recently found my waffle-maker, so I am thinking of making some savory waffles inspired by AND Cafe sometime!! ^__^


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