Project 333

As part of “A Simple Year” course that I am taking, I learned about this neat project where you look at simplifying your wardrobe. It’s called Project 333 and it is the brainchild of Courtney Carver, a minimalist blogger and author.

The goal is to select 33 items to wear for 3 months. The reason for doing this is to simplify your life thereby having more time and energy for meaningful and fun things, and less time spent in the closet or out shopping. I thought this would be easy as my wardrobe was tiny, I am not into fashion and with my size 11 narrow foot, shoes have never been my thing!


Clothes that made the cut for the next 3 months

It took me 3 days to figure out the 33 items that made the cut! I thought I didn’t have many clothes, but even after two pretty significant de-cluttering rounds in my closet over the past few months, I still had 45 tops, 18 tank tops, 13 pairs of footwear, 10 sweaters, 6 coats, etc. Maybe my life it not that simple after all!


Here are the 33 items I will wear for the next 3 months

My 33 items are:

  • 3 pairs of jeans
  • 1 pair of black leggings
  • 1 pair of flowing taupe pants
  • 1 dress
  • 1 pair of hiking boots
  • 1 pair of black knee-high boots
  • 1 pair of black flats
  • 2 scarfs
  • 1 belt
  • 2 sweaters
  • 2 coats
  • 1 vest that is reversible
  • 4 tank tops
  • 3 short sleeve tops
  • 1 3/4 length sleeve top
  • 1 tunic top
  • 4 long sleeve tops
  • 2 pairs of earrings
  • 1 purse

I’m hanging items backwards until I wear them, to  be able to see if there are any items that don’t get worn within the 3 months.


2 pair of earrings and 3 pairs of shoes

Now I am on day 4 and actually feeling I might end up being more fashionable by letting go of all that extra stuff and being way more intentional and inventive!


Day 4 outfit

As they say, time will tell! Tune in for my next blog to see how it’s going! I just lost an earring so I am now down to only 1 pair of earrings and I have no hat and snow is expected!


  1. Mom says:

    Well now I understand. Last evening when we talked I thought you picked 333 items to wear for the next 3 months. 33 would make a huge difference. Don’t forget that Ron is coming. You guys might want to do something out of the ordinary that would require a wardrobe which you hadn’t considered….like wanting a hat now that it is snowing. How is sthe snow today?

    I know I am not a candidate to try this. I have often taken 333 items on a trip and I think I tend to travel light. Good luck to you. I hope you make your goal for the fun of it. But do make exceptions when necessary….you are not on the Camino. How many items did you take on that?


    • I don’t think I ever owned 333 items of clothing and yes 33 will be a stretch. As Courtney who started this says “It’s not about suffering.” Instead it is all about learning and when needed flexibility is in fact encouraged. And yes, I did look ahead at the 3 months (including Ron’s visit) in planning my items. That doesn’t mean my plan will be bulletproof however. I will certainly learn as I go. If I apply the same rules in this challenge, I brought 32 items on the Camino (if you count my 4 bandannas). 15 items of clothing and many accessories traveled the 500 miles on that walk. On the Camino weight mattered more than number of items, but that was my beginning training for seeing the world through the eyes of “how little can I get by with.” Thanks as always for taking time to read my blog. You know me, I will have fun, no matter what!


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