Since 2011 I’ve been doing seasonal raw cleanses where I eat only raw foods for a period of time to clean out my body and kickstart better eating habits. For me it is not about restriction, but rather about abundant, fresh, alive fruits and vegetables for super nutrition. I aim for 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day, so it’s about ample healthy foods to build the body up. I avoid coffee, alcohol, sugars, processed foods and take in lots of yummy fruits and veggies. Towards the end I add in nuts and seeds.


Here are my two 15-page guides created in partnership with Portland Juice Co:

If you’d like to join me in doing a raw cleanse together:

  1. Download one or both of my FREE guides above to get a feel for the recipes, menu plan and structure of doing a raw cleanse via my own unique method. 
  2. If you’d like support, email me below to find out when our next challenge is happening.
  3. I offer one on one support as needed too!
  4. If you’re enjoying all the above content and want more information, download my FREE Raw Cleansing as a Pathway To Health book. Note: this 163 page file has full-color photos, recipes, links to videos and information, meal plans and shopping lists, so it may take 3-5 minutes to download. Please allow time for “do it’s thing” and enjoy!
  5. Happy cleansing!



  1. Janan says:

    I am doing my research since last year and really want to do detox&cleanse. But the biggest issue is that not knowing WHERE and HOW to start. Could you help me to find a start point of the detoxification journey? Please!


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